Direct Access

Anvil Chambers have vast experience in helping direct access clients. It can be a very daunting and emotional time when you are fighting your own battle and having the extra guidance and support matters. Anvil Chambers have an honest and open approach to advice and insist realties are realised.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Contact us. If it is the view of a clerk that your matter is not suitable for direct access, you will be told that Anvil Chambers cannot assist.

Step 2

If your case may be suitable then a short (no more than 10 minute) phone conversation with a barrister will be set up to see whether your case can be taken on.

  • No legal advice can be given in this call – it is to assess only.
  • There is no charge for this call – Anvil Chambers offers this as a courtesy service to our clients. You will however need to provide two forms of ID.

Step 3

If your case is suitable for direct access, a one hour conference will be arranged by telephone, video call, or in person. The standard fee for that conference is £250 + VAT.

  • You will be sent a client care letter which is your contract with the barrister you will be meeting. Anti-money laundering checks will be carried out.
  • The fee for the first conference must be paid before the meeting takes place. If the fee has not been paid 48 hours in advance, the conference will be cancelled.

Step 4

If, after the first conference, you would like to instruct a barrister for further work, that can be arranged at the end of the meeting.

Direct Public Access

Services for the public

Barristers are by tradition a referral profession. A member of the public would go to a professional (e.g. a solicitor) and would be referred on to a barrister.

Now, members of the public can instruct barristers directly. This can be cheaper than instructing a solicitor and barrister, but is not suitable for all cases.


Generally, Anvil Chambers will charge fixed fees for direct public access work. Fees will be agreed and paid in advance. A range of typical fees are below.

All are subject to confirmation, and are plus VAT.


  1. Initial conference  £250 
  2. Written advice on child dispute £650 to £1,400  
  3. Preparation of case. £750 to £2,000
  4. FHDRA. £1000- 1400
  5. DRA. £1200 – 1550  
  6. Fact Finding. £2300 -£2800  for 1 day.
    • Refresher £1600- 1900  
  7. Final. £2250-£3500 for 1 day
    • Refresher £1650 
  8. Permission hearing £1100- £1500   
  9. Urgent hearing (PSO etc.) £1000- £1500   


  1. Directions/CMC fast track. £1,600   
  2. Directions/CMC multi-track. £1,800- £2,100   
  3. Trial fast track. £3500 (1 day) 
  4. Trial multi-track. £3,600- £5,500
    • Refresher £2000-2500 
  5. Enforcement/Variation. £1,800 to £2,200   (1-2 hours) 
  6. Conference pre issue. £1000-1200   
  7. Conference within proceedings. £800 -1000   


  1. Initial conference. £250 
  2. Written advice on financial dispute. £750 to £1550  
  3. Preparation of case. £750 to £2,000 
  4. MPS. £1,800  to 2200
  5. Legal Services Orders:
    • Conference £800 
    • Hearing. £1500 to 1800 (1-3 hours) 
  6. Without notice applications. £1,100 to £1,500   
  7. FDA. £1100 to £1600 
  8. FDR. £2000 to £3200 
  9. Final. £3000 to £5500
    • Refresher £1700 to £2400