Assisting cohabitant under a Trusts of Land case to achieve a sale of a property she had been excluded from for years.

ACTING FOR – Applicant.
WHICH COURT – Dartford County Court.
OUTCOME – In a Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (Tolata) the Applicant had been excluded from a property of which she was a joint owner for many years. Negotiations had been ongoing but were unsuccessful. Having issued at court the Defendant refused to properly engage with the process, and we were successful in obtaining a Declaration of Ownership and Order for Sale. Costs arguments in this matter were successful, and a significant amount had to be paid to our client.
INTERESTING POINTS – The client in this case suffered an aneurysm after leaving the property, but prior to issuing proceedings. The court were regularly reminded that reasonable adjustments and regular breaks had to be built into the proceedings.