Trusts of Land

Anvil Chambers specialise in the Trusts of Land (Appointment of Trustees) Act 1996 (“TOLATA”). TOLATA cases are fact-specific. Proper preparation of arguments for court is essential and Anvil Chambers are experienced in this complicated area of law.

TOLATA claims determine the ownership of property/ land. There may be arguments for joint ownership or sole ownership. Due to the nature of these claims, early analysis and investigation is critical. Anvil Chambers can help from the initial investigation to negotiation to representation at court.

Why choose us:-

  1. Expertise – Anvil Chambers are experts in Trusts of Land (Appointment of Trustees) Act 1996 (“TOLATA”) cases and can guide a client through.
  2. Personal approach- Anvil Chambers understands everyone is different and therefore every person is treated as an individual and given the care they personally need to ensure the best representation.
  3. Communication – Anvil Chambers understands how important communication is and we will keep you updated at every step.


  1. Written Advice
    • Opinions on prospects of success, procedure, and tactics
    • Strategy agreements
  2. Mediation
    • Representation at Mediation to agree negotiations so there is no need for a court Trial
  3. Directions Hearings
    • Early hearings after an application to the court
    • Pre-Trial Reviews
  4. Final Hearings
    • The trial where live evidence is given in court. Cross examination of all witnesses takes place
  5. Appeals
    • Where one party argues that the judge at the final hearing erred in law or fact


Case Studies

Assisting cohabitant under a Trusts of Land case to achieve a sale of a property she had been excluded from for years.

ACTING FOR – Applicant.WHICH COURT – Dartford County Court.OUTCOME – In a Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act …