Family Finance

Anvil Chambers have a wealth of experience of advising and representing parties through very difficult and complex Family Finance cases. These include cases involving family business, companies, trusts, and pension assets.

Family finance does not only come at a financial cost, it comes with a very high emotional cost as well. Anvil Chambers understand the strain that this can have on all parties involved. Each case is different, yet the core values are the same. Anvil Chambers are here to provide initial advice and full representation at the court hearings if negotiations cannot be agreed.

Why choose us:-

  1. Expertise – Anvil Chambers are experts in family finance cases and have the skills to guide you through.
  2. Personal approach- Anvil Chambers understand everyone is different and therefore every person is treated as an individual and given the care they personally need to ensure the best representation.
  3. Communication – Anvil Chambers understand how important communication is and we will keep you updated at every step.


  1. Round Table Negotiations
    • Rather than going through the court process, agreements can be reached through negotiations with both sides represented.
  2. First Directions Appointment
    • The first hearing after an application for financial remedies
  3. Financial Dispute Resolution
    • The second hearing where the judge will give an indication of what may have at the final hearing. Negotiations will take place at this hearing
  4. Final Hearings
    • The trial where live evidence is given in court. Cross examination of all witnesses takes place
  5. Appeals
    • Where one party argues that the judge at the final hearing erred in law or Fact


Case Studies

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Securing substantial matrimonial assets for a wife

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Securing sizeable matrimonial assets for husband

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