Emotions Take Over: Why Advice REALLY Matters In Probate, And NOT Just At Court

Blood really can rush to the head when it comes to a family, whether they are alive or dead. Had the gentleman below taken advice on the implications of his actions, perhaps he would have reconsidered…

A 71-year-old British businessman, Girish Dahyabhai Patel, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison recently for forging his mother’s will in order to inherit a £40 million share of the family’s Malaysian palm oil plantation.

Patel, who is from Highgate, north London, used a fake document to launch a High Court claim for control of Prabhavati Dahyabhai Patel’s estate after she died in 2011. The inheritance included a one-third stake in Aumkar Plantations, which owns 20,000 acres of land planted with palm oil in Malaysia.

Patel claimed that his mother had signed a new will in 2005, which left everything to him. However, the court found that the will was a forgery and that Patel had lied under oath in his attempt to inherit the estate.

Patel committed “a sophisticated and high-value fraud” against his own family. He had “lost his reputation, his status, his ability to carry on business and his wealth and income” as a result of his crime.

Patel’s actions had had a “very serious impact” on his family and “caused immense distress and upset” to his brother and other relatives.

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